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Manrico Murzi

Posted by on 11-5-12

Ashis Nandy (Prof.)

Posted by on 11-2-12

Slava Zaitsev

Posted by on 10-30-12

Miki Manojlović

Posted by on 10-30-12

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Artur Cerari

Posted by in Arts and Culture

Artur Cerari is the „baron” of all the Gipsies of Moldavia. A handsome man who seduces with his benevolent eyes. His grey beard is immaculate and gives him the look of a patriarch. A warm and charming person!

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Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia

Posted by in Arts and Culture, Talented People

Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia is a Serbian and Yugoslav princess, a human rights activist and a former presidential candidate for Serbia.
Jelisaveta is gifted with natural grace combined with boundless energy – a real princess!

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Faisal Abdulrahman Bin Muaammar

Posted by in Arts and Culture, Policymakers / Political life

The King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue in Riyadh is an interesting attempt to spread the culture of dialogue and establish it as a norm for general conduct on the level of the individual citizen, the family and society at large.

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Haji Syed Salman Chishty

Posted by in Religion and Spirituality

Sufism, as a religious pilosophy of love, harmony, and beauty, aims at expanding the soul of man until the realization of the beauty of all creation enables him to become as perfect an expression divine harmony as possible. It is therefore natural that the Sufi Order should stand foremost as a spiritual power in the East, and that it is rapidly becoming recognized in the West.

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