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Artur Cerari

Artur Cerari is the „baron” of all the Gipsies of Moldavia. A handsome man who seduces with his benevolent eyes. His grey beard is immaculate and gives him the look of a patriarch. A warm and charming person!

He invited me to visit him in his town Soroca. It is not next door, but I’ll surely make the visit as soon as I can.

The legendary Mircea Cerar, the most famous “King of the Gypsies,” was the father of the current ruler. Artur Cerar, the king’s son and successor, remembers his father with bright eyes and melancholy. He tells of when his father was proclaimed king of the Roma from Moldova and balibasa (head) of the gypsy community of Soroca in 1972. As for Arthur, he is reputed to be a busy man. But, of course, less exuberant than his father was. For example, despite having inherited the title of king, he prefers to be simply called “Baron of the Roma from Moldova.”

Astur Cerari dreams that Soroca will become a university town – with a faculty of Gipsy Studies, of course.